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Project Management

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Clinical Monitoring

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Regulatory Affairs

Our Team

At CSC Ltd. we employ a very dedicated team of clinical research professionals. Our team offers our clients a wide range of experienced and skilled professionals. Our personnel are trained in clinical trial management, provide a disciplined work ethic and are very focused on customer service. Qualified and experienced professionals are responsible for the successful conduct of each project.
To ensure quality and consistency in line with both corporate and client operating procedures,  all project team members are provided with ongoing training. Strong emphasis is placed on interpersonal communication. Enhancing the relationship between the client and the investigative site is one of our goals, so that relations remain strong beyond the scope of any given trial.

Chana Sternberg RN, BSN , M.Occ.H

CEO and founder of CSC Ltd.

Chana graduated from Hebrew University Cum Laude  with a BSN and holds a license of a Registered Nurse (RN) from the  Israeli Ministry of Health.  From Tel Aviv University she graduated with a Masters in Occupational Health (M.Occ.H). Chana has above twenty years of clinical research experience including functioning as Clinical Trial Manager of an international CRO, Project Manager, Senior CRA and GCP trainer and manager. With experience in both pharmaceutical companies and international CROs in several management positions, she opened her own consultancy  firm which developed within the years to a limited company.  CSC Ltd. is a small intimate and high quality CRO.  Chana brings with her above twenty five years of experience in nursing and in lecturing in academic nursing schools and in GCP courses. All this experience contributes to the understanding of the needs and clinical aspects of the studies run by her company.  She has extensive therapeutic expertise in many fields such as CNS, Cardiology, Infectious Diseases, Gynecology, Coagulation, Vaccinations, Oncology and more. Chana was born in United States, holds dual citizenship and is fluent both in English and Hebrew.


Sara Rotem RN,BA

Senior Clinical Research Associate

Sara graduated from New England College with a BA degree and holds a license of  Registered Nurse(RN) from the Israeli Ministry of Health and also a BA in Health Services.

Sara has twenty years of clinical research experience including  a position as   a Clinical Trial Manager at an international  pharmaceutical company, a Senior CRA with a biotech company  and positions in international CRO’s, small start up companies, and different positions as a freelancer CRA.

During the practicing years, Sara attended numerous professional courses in different locations in the world.
Sara also brings 5 years of experience as a registered nurse working for a large academic hospital at the Gynecology department, followed by five years as a medical representative.

She has extensive knowledge and understanding of all stages of drug development and extensive therapeutic experience in –Oncology, Neurology, Endocrinology (Diabetes, Growth Hormone, IVF), Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Gastroenterology (Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis), Genitourinary, Rheumatology, Dermatology.

Sara was born in Romania and is fluent in Hebrew, English and Romanian.


Naomi Levy-Peleg M.Sc

Senior Clinical Research Associate  and Clinical Trial Manager

Naomi has more then ten years of clinical research experience including all study aspects, from study start-up till site closure. Four years teaching experience in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Therapeutic experience in Ophthalmology, Oncology, Respiratory, Endocrinology – Diabetes, and Genetic studies in Neurology, Cardiology, Circulatory and Mental Disorders.

Naomi graduated from the Tel Aviv University  from the Faculty of Medicine with a Masters in Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine and also holds a BS.c in Biotechnology from Tel-Chai College.  Naomi joined CSC Ltd. in June  2011. 



Yifat Zaik, M.Sc

Senior Clinical Research Associate

Yifat has a B.Sc. degree in Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem followed by an M.Sc. degree in Molecular Cell Biology, from the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Yifat has 6 years of experience in pre-clinical research and clinical trials including positions of CRA and Study Site Coordinator, where she assumed responsibility for the proper management and ethical conduct of trails in the fields of Diabetes, Oncology, Myopathy and Psychiatry. She has broad knowledge of all stages of clinical studies, from initiation through study closure.

Yifat joined CSC in 2013 in a position as CRA


Tamar Segal

Clinical Research Associate

Tamar graduated from the Hebrew University with a BA and holds a license of a Registered Nurse (RN) from the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Tamar has worked over two years at the Davidoff Oncology Center, Rabin Medical Center in position as a Study Coordinator and as a Study Nurse. She worked on numerous Oncology trials such as Breast, Lung and Pancreas Cancer.

Tamar also brings seven years of experience as a registered nurse working in the ER of Hadassah Jerusalem Medical Center. During her practice Tamar attended professional course in Emergency Medicine.

Tamar joined CSC in 2015 as a CRA.


Ayelet Miller Elkayam

Clinical Research Associate

Ayelet has a degree in Cognitive Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD and completed graduate studies in Medical Sciences in Tel Aviv University.

She has experience in pre-clinical research on tissues and animals and has been published in Neuroscience Letters. Ayelet has worked over eight years in clinical trials in positions as a CTA and as Study Coordinator in the USA and in Israel where she worked on numerous trials in fields including Neurology, Ophthalmology, cardiovascular studies, and surgical infections.

Ayelet joined CSC in 2015 as a CRA.